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BusBase is for companies, groups, clubs and individuals within or interested in the bus and wider transport industry, to interact and share information.!

BusBase Comunity

What is BusBase

. 07 Jan 2016
BusBase us an amazing social networking site that specifically focuses on the bus industry and everything to do with buses. below you can see some of the amazing features that BusBase has to offer
Published By BusBase Admin

Social Stream

  • Community members may post personal status updates.
  • Members may like or comment on stream activity items.
  • Upload photos directly from the stream share box.
  • Share videos directly from stream share box.
  • Specify a privacy level for each status update post.
  • User may hide stream items that they do not want to see.

Event Management

  • Create public or private events.
  • Support for Google Map to display event location.
  • Members will be able to mark their attendance for each event.
  • Event admin may send email announcements to event attendees.
  • Limit the number of seats to your event. You can set a maximum number of attendees for each event.
  • Event printout. Produce beautiful printouts for your events.
  • Import other events that are in iCal format.
  • Export events to iCal format.

Photo Gallery

  • Members may create public or friends only photo albums.
  • Drag and drop, multi-file uploader.
  • Ability to set "Featured Album" to highlight selected photo albums.
  • Ability to re-order photos in an album via drag and drop.
  • Allow comments and likes for individual photos and albums.


  • Support video linking from popular video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Support video uploads./li>
  • Support ZenCoder as a Third-Party video processor.
  • Ability to set a video as a profile video.

Private Messaging System

  • Users may send private messages to any user.
  • Users may also block other specific users from private messaging them.
  • Live chat functionality so users may speak with there friends.

Abuse Report

  • Community members may "report" any item to the site.
  • Administrator can specify default action if enough reports have been received for the specific item.

Organic User Group

  • Members can create custom groups.
  • Groups can be private (require admin approval) or public.
  • Admin may make public announcements to group members.
  • Support group discussion; group member may start a new discussion topic.
  • Support for group photos and videos.
  • Group may be categorized in admin-defined categories.

Custom User Profile

  • Admin may specify any custom field.
  • Any custom field may be set as "required" during registration.
  • Admin may make public announcements to group members.
  • Members can now upload full-size photos for their profile pictures and crop the interesting part for the thumbnail.

External Sharing

  • share your content with external services such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Public may email any content to anyone else.


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